How do Taxi Business Engage with the Social Media


Well all know how the social media have a huge impact on how do companies utilize their marketing strategies in order to increase sales. Today, most businesses, if not all, have an official account on several social media platforms.

But is that truly enough?

Successful businesses not only rely on being out there in the social media, but also implementing strategies on how to take advantage of the use of social media. Lets think of the ground transportation business since it is shown to be an interesting industry that uses the social media after several decades of “old school methods”, and the recent revolution of “Uber”.

Social media and digital applications have shaped how people use ground transportation nowadays. For the taxi business, it started implementing new and creative methods through the use of social media. For example, Mozio, a ground transportation search engine, started use a unique approach to attract clients through the use of social media. This approach can be described as Prompting Behavior. Through Twitter, Mozio is currently interacting with future clients that are in need of ground transportations based on the client’s tweets. The approach can be broken down into these simple techniques:

  1. Listening
    • Finding clients who are tweeting about a need for ground transportation and listen to their concerns that the company can solve.
  2. Acting
    • Providing confidence to users or prospective clients that the company can offer to solve their problem and needs.
  3. Asking
    • Asking the prospective customer to make the booking by taking them to their website.

The interaction that Mozio is experiencing with their prospective customers through Twitter has shown that the company is engaging with the social media successfully that reflected in the increased number of sales. Mozio did not waited for user accounts or customers to find them online. Instead, the company is in the act of searching for prospective customers that are willing to use their service for ground transportation. Jeff Molander described this approach as simple as listening to future customers and solving their potential problems.


Thats one successful approach for taxi business. Another successful approach is the story of “Chicago Cabbie” .


Rashid Temuri, a Chicago taxi driver, took advantage to of the social media to introduce himself and his service to the Chicagoans. He has his official account on Twitter, and started to tweet his current locations, and what is going on in Chicago. Rashid rely on customer feedback and frequent loyal customers in order for his strategy to succeed. Tweet him and he is there! Thats it!

These stories show how taxi or ground transportation businesses can be utilize the social media successfully and generate even more sales. Company appearance in the social media is not enough nowadays to be successful as people now expects everyone to be out there online. It is now all about your creative strategies and customer engagement through the use of social media.

At the end, here is a short video of a taxi driver in Bogota, Colombia who shares his story after using the social media.

Twitter Taxi in Bogota






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